Uniquely fronted by two women, Bellewether found their alternative rock/pop legs through a process of performing everything from “Karma Police” to “On top of Spaghetti”. Known for their stage banter, this group combines the sharing of meaningful lyrics with audience connection.

Bellewether has always been motivated by writing original music. The group has created over 30 original songs, performed at a handful of venues in Calgary, AB, Canada, and has released 2 full-length albums and a radio single. Bellewether has developed a driven sound that highlights layered harmonies; similar in category to acts such as Metric, Tegan and Sara, and The Naked and Famous.

Bellewether’s story began in February of 2009 when long time friends and theatrical co-workers Oksana Porteous and Carol-Anne Day decided to combine their creative stage juices into a new musical project. Shortly thereafter drummer Graham Pendray was added to the mix. The group is excited to now be focusing on individual projects, however, the door has been left forever open to co-create more new music together!

Oksana Porteous
Share the Love Show - Feb. 11, 2012 (photo by James Kowula)
Share the Love Show - Feb. 11, 2012 (photo by James Kowula)
Lead Vocals / Keyboard / Piano

Oksana has been writing song lyrics and playing the piano from the age of 18 and describes her original musical influences as Alanis Morissette, Chantal Kreviazuk, and oddly enough Meatloaf. More recently she can't get enough of Amy Shark, Lady Gaga, and Pink.

Currently she's in the lab enjoying working on some new singles!

Graham Pendray
Share the Love Show - Feb. 11, 2012 (photo by James Kowula)
Acoustic Drums & Percussion / Electric Drums / Backing Vocals

Having played drums in Calgary since 1997 for several local bands, Graham describes his main influences as Chad Gracey of Live, the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, and Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins.

Carol-Anne Day
Share the Love Show - Feb. 11, 2012 (photo by James Kowula)
Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar

Working as a voice artist, actress, and musician since 2001, Carol-Anne has graced stages and studios since she was young enough to have to be smuggled into them!

Currently she's working hard with Hermit Sherpa; collaborating with artists and studios around the world to create artist opportunities, apps, animation, and fine art.